Nutrition, lifestyle, and habit formation to look and feel your best.


Low energy? Feel tired? Slow to start in the AM? Wonder how you'd get through your day without coffee? It is possible to have stable energy without stimulants!

Do you get brain fog or
feel less mentally sharp than before? Do you feel "blue" or anxious? Wish you could get into flow states? Food choices can make a huge difference.

Crave carbs and sugar?
Do you get "hangry"
before eating? Do you
binge eat or feel out of control with food? This can be a sign of nutritional needs.

Deal with heartburn, GERD or take antacids? Get bloated or gassy after eating? Have food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities? Are you irregular? These are all entirely avoidable in a nourished digestive system.

Have you noticed a decline in libido? Have acne as an adult?Do you feel cold all of the time? Struggle with PMS or irregular cycles? Unexplained weight gain or loss? These could all be signs that something is out of balance and nutrition can help.

Weight gain, belly fat, dad bod? High BMI? High-blood pressure or cholesterol? High blood sugar? Pre-diabetes or T2 diabetes? Many others have improved their symptoms with diet and lifestyle changes.
And you can too.


Hear what my clients are saying.

“After years of struggling with gut health issues and diverticulitis outbreaks, I got back on track quickly with Charity’s help. Now I know how to avoid flare-ups and even how to recover without antibiotics. I had gotten to the point where I was taking antibiotics for flare-ups about every 3 months. To date, I haven't had to take antibiotics since August of 2018. I'm also slowly but surely getting off my thyroid meds with my doctor's support, as my thyroid continues to normalize. Amazing and life-changing!”

-Susan, 68

“As a 2x Ironman finisher and All American triathlete, I hit a wall in my 30s and was suddenly plagued with fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog, and period issues that left me in the ER. Ugh.

Charity listened to my concerns and got me on a plan that left me feeling renewed in a matter of weeks. Better sleep, skin, energy, mental clarity, and my periods have been normal since. Wow!

Considering working with her? Do it!”

-Amanda, 35

Meet Charity

Hi there! I'm Charity Allen, a Health Coach and soon-to-be certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Before entering the nutrition field, I was a creative leader in education. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in education, a Bachelor’s degree in French, and have a Master’s degree in education with a focus on leveraging learning to create powerful change.

My interest in nutrition began with my own quest to restore my health after a vegetarian lifestyle left me with gut issues, anemia, and even anxiety and depression. After exhaustive research, I found a sustainable way of eating for myself and my family that has completely restored and improved our health and wellbeing.

I am beyond inspired to support others in their own quests to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Take the leap and schedule a free 60-minute no-strings-attached consultation with me today.

Charity Allen
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