Recipes for Nutrient Density

Fermentation 101

Sauerkraut, kimchee, beet kvass, kombucha, and more. Dive into research-based recipes that are safe and manageable to reap the benefits of fermented food products.

Let's start with beet kvass and then explore other fermented food options.

kimchi, a classis Korean ferment

beet kvass, pH, botulism

Beet kvass is a good ferment for beginners!

Beets have long been known for their liver cleansing properties. Some people recommend drinking beet juice (which is different than beet kvass...think beet juice from a juicer) to try to reap these liver-supportive benefits, however, I remain skeptical of that option. After all, our ancestors didn't have access to juicers, and more is not always better.

On the other hand, beet kvass is a fermented beet beverage. It's been lauded as a health tonic and was a classic beverage made in Russia for centuries. It's pretty simple to make and the fermentation process breaks down some of the anti-nutrients, like oxalates, that are found in high amounts in beets, while also packing a punch of probiotic goodness.

When it comes to fermentation, there are lots of recipes on the internet. However, I remain skeptically prudent. If fermentation isn't done properly, you could be exposing yourself to pathogenic bacterias! That's why I ONLY use research-based, university-tested fermentation recipes. And I follow them EXACTLY as prescribed, with NO modifications. I recommend you do the same.

RECIPES! This publication from North Carolina State University's Plants for Human Health Institute has 13 research-verified fermentation recipes, including one for beet kvass on page 6. Let me know how your fermentation projects go!

And remember! You should always follow good practices while fermenting vegetables, like using fresh produce, chlorine-free water, iodine-free salt, and ensuring your vegetables are properly submerged throughout the process.

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