Recipes for Nutrient Density

Top 5 Ways to Eat Eggs

Eggs are SO nutritious, eating more of them is a good thing–but if we don't mix it up, they can get old quickly! Here's my top 5 ways to eat eggs.


5 Ways to Eat Liver, Without Gagging...

Liver is the most nutrient dense food on the planet. No contest. But most people don't have a taste for it. Check out these recipes for making liver more palatable.

7 SMASH-ilicious Recipes

SMASH fish are enormously nutritious, sustainable and cost-effective. But unless you like to eat them straight outta the can, here are some ideas to spice 'em up!

Fermentation 101

Sauerkraut, kimchee, beet kvass, kombucha, and other fermented treats are known for their probiotic goodness. And fermentation often inhibits anti-nutrients. Double win. But I wouldn't use just any recipe. Dive into these research-based recipes that are safe and manageable to reap the benefits of fermented food products.

DIY Yogurt

Save money (this is up to 4x cheaper!) and make something delicious and nutritious to eat at any time of day. This homemade yogurt is easier than you think and ridiculously amazing!

Proper Processing of Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, and Grains

If you tolerate nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and grains and want to keep them in your diet, you might still benefit from properly processing them. These protocols will make your foods more digestible, the nutrients more bioavailable, and reduce the anti-nutrient load.